What drives people to seek help?

“I’m stuck” is a very normal sign that something needs to change. It can have all kinds of causes.

Perhaps you suffer from a lack of self-confidence or self-appreciation, feelings of guilt or shame. Maybe you have difficulties with relationships; with your partner or children, or in your workplace. Perhaps you have been experiencing chronic fatigue, depression, loss and grief, fear, or anger, or you have feelings of emptiness and fear at the absence of meaning of your life. It is also possible that you feel reasonably well, but nevertheless have a lasting feeling of discontent with your life. All of these may be significant triggers for seeking help.

Burn-out and depression
Burn-out and depression are increasingly common. We live in chaotic times. The experience of ‘belonging’ is increasingly compromised. We multitask at home and social media keep us connected 24 hours a day. At work things change rapidly, requiring exceptional levels of adaptability and offering low stability. We set ourselves ever higher standards. We may experience that our usual habitual patterns no longer serve us, or even inhibit us. In the end, the pressures threaten to overwhelm us. We often experience burn-out and depression as a deep personal failure. In reality they are no more than symptoms, that point to the fact that change is needed. Core Process Psychotherapy may help you to use your burn-out as a first step towards a new way of living.

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