“Help me, I’m stuck”

Therapy and counselling are all about something which concerns all of us: life. We may be able to live our lives without any severe hardships and, generally, we solve our problems by ourselves or with the help of friends or family. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself in a difficult, painful or traumatic situation, in which your own efforts do not seem to help (anymore); you find yourself in need of more help than your friends are able to offer. This is not an easy feeling. It may be difficult to acknowledge the feeling of needing something – someone else’s support; oftentimes it embarrasses us and we view it as a weakness. Many of us therefore go a long way before deciding to visit a therapist. However, to be open to what you need and may help you has nothing to do with weakness. It is courageous and powerful, and an important first act of kindness toward yourself

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