Isn’t mindfulness vague and floaty?
We usually trust our cognitive abilities whenever we encounter something. However, for transformation – profound change – our ‘thinking-brain’ is only of little use. If you are dealing with deep habitual patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviour, different quality of attention is needed. For example, learning to understand your body’s reactions is particularly important. These concepts may be unfamiliar to us, but that does not mean they are vague, just that we don’t understand them yet.
How long does Core Process psychotherapy last?
It depends. CPP is rarely a quick fix. In order to create deep understanding, insight and profound personal development, you are more likely to spend a few months rather than a few weeks working with me. However, some people gain benefit from even a few sessions. We can explore that question when we meet.
Am I required to dig deep into my past?
In Core Process, you direct yourself at whatever happens inside of you in the present moment. If you direct your attention in this way, you will automatically be brought into contact with old aches and the measures you had to take in your lifetime to shield yourself from loss and pain. You don’t necessarily need to dig into your past or relive it: you can discover all of this by examining your current emotions, feelings and thoughts in a kind manner.
What is it like to be in therapy?
Honestly, being in therapy is not always easy. Sometimes it’s hard work. At times, it can cost a lot of energy and you’ll notice that you really need some time to let things settle. At the same time, you can begin to learn that you the insights from therapy start to affect every part of your life. As you progress, even when it is painful, you may feel relief, or a sense of ease within yourself as old behaviour patterns start to become soften.
What about confidentiality?
Trust is at the basis of every sort of therapy. This requires me as your therapist to maintain strict confidentiality and to protect your data from being accessed by third parties. This is the kind of thing we will cover in our first meeting.
Is this therapy covered by my health insurance?
The health insurer reimburses our care as alternative (psychosocial) care.
What does it cost?

My rate is € 85,- per hour.
The health insurer reimburses my care as alternative (psychosocial) care.