Core Process psychotherapy & coaching


Sometimes you find yourself in a painful or traumatic period of your life and you need help. Many people come to psychotherapy to face their difficulties or to explore complex questions that weigh them down. Being open to what you need is courageous and powerful, and an important act of kindness towards yourself.

Core Process psychotherapy (CPP) begins with the assumption that we are all inherently healthy, that each of us is free and open to change and that none of us is an island, separate from the relationships that make us who we are.

CPP is a mindfulness-based form of psychotherapy. I may help you to focus your attention inward to the present moment. With awareness of body, feelings and mind states, we will gently explore the roots of your difficulties and make space for deep self-insight. Developing a compassionate understanding of the obstacles to being fully yourself leads, little by little, towards relief and healing.

I am Stephanie Verhoeven and I established ‘Floras’, my private practice in 2017. I have extensive experience in Dutch health care, as a nurse and spiritual counsellor. My special interests are high sensitivity and burn-out, attachment trauma, pre-natal, birth and peri-natal trauma, meditation and spirituality.

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